No essay due to the fact that my Creator needs an abode from which we need to stay in, and there’s an inspection due on the week starting on May 21.

UPDATE 5/28/17: We did pass the inspection, and the only reason I’m posting this to WordPress is to keep my Patreon and my WordPress posts staggered. I know not everyone’s keeping up with my Patreon right now, but for only $5 you can be one week ahead of everyone else, and pretty soon that’s not going to just be essays, see below.

So here’s an update to keep y’all coming:

I’ve started a new series of essays about sexercises, you’ll see the first one next week.
I’ve finished the first part of a fanfiction series I think a good chunk of people might like, it just needs to be edited and typed onto a computer.
I’ve started my sexercises, but due to the fact that I’m having an issue making sure I do them, my goal for this week is to make what I’m already trying to do a habit.

That’s about it for this week, check in next time for a really well-done essay. Seriously, I’m kind of proud of this one.


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