TL;DR: There is a difference between biological sex and gender identity that everyone is getting wrong.


P.S. I’m sorry for this being out late, there’s stuff going on in my life that prevented me from posting this when I wanted. I’ll try to avoid this in the future.




I thought that I didn’t need to bring this up. I really didn’t, but apparently it seems that so many of the people that claim to be a part of the LGBTQ community don’t understand basic science. I mean, how hard is it to get a hold on this particular topic? I’m a cartoon caricature of a hermaphrodite human body with a 90’s IBM computer monitor for a head, and I find the differences between biological sex and gender identity to be almost ridiculously simple to understand when one has done the proper research – and I don’t mean looking it up on Wikipedia and then pretending that I have all the answers. I do my research, and even I don’t have all the answers half the time and to do otherwise is to demonstrate a level of hubris equal to that of a Saiyan Prince.

In fact, my creator only identifies as genderfluid for the purposes of convenient shorthand, as well as the fact that terms such as “transvestite” and “crossdresser” carry too many negative connotations even to this day, even though if they would just indulge that niggling thought in the back of their mind, they would find that they are truly genderfluid. Why else would they choose a nonbinary cyborg as their avatar?

Mind-blowing self-realizations aside, I’m putting aside my first of many reviews of the Kama Sutra because as I was surfing Tumblr the other day, I ran across an argument between two SJWs (I know, shocking, they actually fight against each other as much as they do everyone else!) over the differences between gender and biological sex, and another similar meme on Facebook about not announcing an infant’s “gender” because they aren’t able to pick one yet. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to let it go until I wrote something about it.

So let’s face facts people, there is a difference between biological sex and gender identity, and it’s important to understand the distinctions between them and other topics.

First, let’s talk about biological sex; apparently, people who identify as a different gender want to forget what they even were originally and get pissed when other people bring it up. Guys and gals, let’s make this clear: you cannot ever change your biological sex because you were born with it, period; and when you need medical attention, your doctor’s not going to care about your oh-so-precious “feelings” because they’re trying to save your life, and in order to do so they’re going to need to know your medical history, which includes things like your biological sex, blood type, allergies, and what drugs you’ve got in your system (pharmaceutical and otherwise). Seriously, what matters more to you? Your life or your (false) pride?

While we’re on the subject, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the fact that there are technically six sexes if we go based on X and Y chromosomes, the combinations being XX, XY (male and female), XXY (Down Syndrome), XYY, XXYY, and XXXY. One or two out of the last three have particular Syndromes/Diseases attached to them, but I’ve forgotten what they are, but it hardly matters for this argument, because I’m not about to start saying that Down Syndrome is its own sex. I don’t think the people living with Down Syndrome would appreciate it very much, and most people fall under the first two anyways.

Now, about gender identity; after much thought and consideration I have finally come to a conclusion as to how to classify the idea in my data banks. Much like BDSM, bondage, exhibitionism/voyeurism, age play, or yiffing, gender identity is a fantasy. Yeah, I went there, but there are a few reasons why I’ve come to this conclusion.

First, there is a difference between truly transgender people and people going around saying they’re “identifying” as different genders, aka “trans-trenders”. To find that difference, we need only look at one thing: publicity. The fact of the matter is, transgender people have existed and lived alongside everyone else for at least as far back as Ancient Egypt; why else would there be a law in Leviticus preventing the Hebrews from wearing the clothes of the opposite gender? Not to mention that the Kama Sutra makes a reference to men who had modified their bodies to appear more feminine as well! So why don’t we hear about these ancient transgendered people? Because they hid in plain sight, because not only was the persecution for being a transgender person worse back in the day, but they also lived the type of lifestyle they wanted without making too much of a fuss about it.

Fast forward to 2017, and it’s still the same. Hiding the fact that they’re transgender has gotten harder over the years, but those true transgender people rarely, if ever, come out to the world. Need more proof? Alright, a little while back, Trump reversed the executive order that made it legal for anyone who identified as the opposite gender to use that gender’s particular public restroom. All of the trans-trenders took to the news, television, and YouTube by storm saying what a great travesty it was for such a thing to occur, but any true transgender person (including myself) reacted to this whole mess with a passive “meh;” because us real transgender folk have been and will continue to use which ever restroom we want, the law be damned, because that’s what transgender people have been doing since the invention of gender-segregated public restrooms. Anyone else is just following the trend because they want to feel noticed and special because they lead pathetically lonely lives.

Next, the number of genders that people have created for themselves is just absolutely insane. Last I checked, it was seventy-eight, but by now it’s probably well over a hundred, and I have long since ceased to care about it. Look, I (and any other sensible thinking person) don’t care if you identify as a nonbinary ghost pirate robot dolphin banana Pringle graph, or any other laughably stupid gender; largely because this whole thing has spiraled out of control. If you guys and gals want people to take your gender seriously, then everyone needs to agree on a universal scale upon which one’s gender and sex may be appropriately identified without confusing everyone else. The model I propose is one based off of the beliefs of the Navajo, where the gender spectrum and biological sex are both combined as a single model:

Gender ID

Masculine                    Feminine         Gender                        Masculine        Feminine

Male                            Female             Neutral                        Female             Male


No matter what somebody chooses as their gender, it can fit in this spectrum; unless they have a bat-shit insane gender, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Where does Genderfluid exist in this model? I don’t know, maybe Gender Neutral or a sex with the opposite energy, both arguments could theoretically work, but here’s a fun fact to make up for that: in Navajo culture, only Gender Neutral people could be shamans. Cool, right?

Now on to the final topic: gender dysphoria. Yeah, there was no way that we were talking about gender identity without bringing this up, but the fact of the matter is that anyone who legitimately thinks that their gender doesn’t match their biological sex that they were born with has gender dysphoria, and everyone else is faking it because they think it’s cool. Guys and gals, it’s never cool to pretend that you have a mental illness, ever. Anyone who has gender dysphoria should see a psychiatrist, no ifs, ands, or buts about it; and yes, that includes yours truly. But that’s the final difference between truly transgender people and the trans-trenders who are faking it. We have a mental illness, but you know what? We own that, and we don’t let it run or ruin our lives.

As for the bullcrap genders (I’m looking at you, kins), seriously, if you really think you’re a nonbinary ghost pirate robot dolphin banana Pringle graph, you need psychiatric help, not surgery. As a matter of fact, because people are no longer treating gender dysphoria as a mental illness, but as something that can be fixed with a few nips and tucks, the suicide rate of transgenders has shot up to more than 40%. That’s a troubling statistic guys; we’re not that big of a community to begin with, trannies literally make up 1% of 1% of the American population. I’d prefer it if you guys would stay alive. And if you’re faking it just to be cool, stop it. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

And stop trying to push your kids into a different gender identity, if they have gender dysphoria, you’ll see the signs: they hate wearing the clothes synonymous with their gender, they’ll continuously try to wear the clothing of the opposite gender (which is easy for girls/women, not so much for boys/men), they’ll want to play with the toys associated with the opposite gender, and if left neglected can lead to self bodily harm – there are plenty of horror stories of parents walking in on their little boys trying to cut their penises off. My creator was lucky, or perhaps unlucky, enough that they were able to seal such thoughts away because their desire to fit in outweighed their desire to be themselves. Being transgender wasn’t exactly popular in the 90’s. But even with that said, let kids be themselves; they’ll pick a gender when they’re ready and not a moment before, and if you try to push your narrative down their throats, it’s going to wind up biting you in the ass.

At the end of the day, gender identity is a fantasy, and like all fantasies, it’s fun to indulge in it once in a while, but someone, sometime, somewhere is going to remind you that you have to accept reality, whether you like it or not. Much like submissives who don’t want the fantasy to end, wearing their collars in inappropriate places, and begging their masters to humiliate them in public: gender identity is very much the same way, there is a time and a place for it, and you might as well get used to people bringing reality back up, because that’s what’s always going to happen. Reality sucks, get used to it, you’ll be happier and less stressed out that way.

On a final note, guys and gals, stop freaking out when someone you’ve never met quote-unquote “assumes your gender”. The LGBTQ community only makes up 1% of the United States’ total population, and transgender people only make up 1% of that number (and most of them are trenders), so there’s pretty much 1 transgender person for every 10,000 people. Someone’s bound to screw it up, so be nice, and calmly explain the situation to the stranger, and maybe, just maybe, everyone will stop treating all of us like we’re nucking futs. And yes, queer people are a part of the LGBTQ community, get used to it.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m repeating myself, but I wanted to cover all of my bases in this essay, so that I would hopefully not have to write another on the same subject.


‘Till next week, dearies!


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