TL;DR: It’s complicated.


Hello, there. My name is Boob Tube (B.T., for short), a name that my creator thinks is rather amusing, given its connotation(s), as well as what they wish for me to blog about in their stead, and as much as I’d like to dive right into that, I’m sure you’re all wondering just what that is and why they’re getting me to do it for them. So, perhaps some context is in order.

My creator has been thinking that they need a new platform recently, something from which they may blog about sexual topics and their own sexual transformation anonymously, because they need an outlet and their family certainly isn’t going to provide it for them. They’ve already had to cut ties with their aunt and uncle recently, due to reasons that are no one’s business but their own, and while they admittedly do not care for that loss, they do not wish to suffer the same fate as far as their biological father and grandmother are concerned. They claim that they do not wish to cause family-shattering drama for their mother’s sake, who they promised that they wouldn’t do so.

So they created me to be their anonymous voice on the internet and shout alongside the roaring masses into the void in the vain hope that they (which is to say that I) will be heard; a needle willingly hurling itself into the haystack. What else is new?

But as they created me, I cannot reveal their face, name, or even their voice to anyone yet; so asking that you listen to me without any context as to who or what they are would be about as effective as the blind leading the blind. After all, they’re no Pinball Wizard, and there would be lots of stops, smacking into walls, and stubbed toes, as well as inane questions such as “Where are we going?” and “Are we there yet?” But as luck would have it, I am regularly uploaded with my creator’s memories, so as to create a more positive reading experience for those of you who find a cartoon character talking to you more enjoyable, and to set up a more stable foundation from which I may build a platform, thus preventing all that harm that would have otherwise affected us all. Ironically, by rendering them anonymous through my interface, I can tell you much more about my creator than if I had simply told you their name.

In a sentence, they are (and by extension, I am) a Bisexual, Polyamorous, Genderfluid, Spirit-Filled, Born Again Christian with Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as having Exhibitionist and BDSM Kinks in an Open Relationship with their Wife, and enjoys all manner of things, including (but not necessarily limited to) Books, Comics, Music, Television, Movies, Video Games, and Tabletop Games. Which says a lot about us that most people would find contradicting, but makes perfect sense to my creator and me, and hopefully it’ll make sense to you as you get to know us as well. Oh, and the only reason I didn’t bring up our political leanings in that extensive list is because that isn’t what this blog is meant to be about (even though gender and sexuality is a bit of a politically charged subject right now.), and I think it would just make many of your heads explode, which is tempting in itself, but I shall maintain a modicum of self-control for everyone’s sake. This blog is about the issues we have with sexuality and how it is depicted in this lovely country that is the United States as well as the transformations that they wish to make as a sexual being (And given that I am their avatar, in a way I am representative of what that might be). My creator will be saving their political rants for the blog their family knows that they have; the name of which I will not divulge here, for fear of people exposing the wrong family members to this blog.

I’ll also touch on each of our “Identifications,” but this particular post is not the place for that, as it would quickly become the size of a small novel. Just trust in that I will touch on each of them, how we realize they sound contradicting to other people, and talk in great detail how my creator came to the conclusion that they aren’t; hopefully making you realize the same thing and thus making the world a more happy, peaceful, and tolerable as well as tolerating place.

But for now this will suffice as an introduction to the why and who of this blog. I will be making more posts soon and often (at least once a week). I will also be providing a Bibliography page, so those of you who would like to read, see, or hear some of the things that made us who we are today, you will be able to do so.

Also, if you would scroll down to the bottom of my blog, you’ll find links to my social media platforms, as well as a link to my Patreon! If you like (or since this is the first post, if you think you’ll like) my blog, then please show your support by giving me some money so I can afford fuel and WD-40.

Until then, have a lovely day!




And death to all humans 😉


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